DREAM Little cot


‘Dream’ was the first aluminium mini cradle of the market. It comes with a high density foam mattress which has an ergonomic shape so as to keep the baby in the centre of the cot so as to prevent possible accidents.

‘Dream’ is a versatile product with three easily interchangeable structural positions. This innovative system allows the structure to be fixed, in motion through four wheels located inside the legs structure or swing as a little rocking cot. Its aluminium composition makes it a very light and safe product. However it can be easily disassembled so as to transport it and, its extremes are round to avoid accidents.

To guarantee the major comfort possible, the fabric can be washed by removing it from the aluminium structure with zips.

The outside fabric is made of polyester and the inside is quilted, soft, 100% cotton. The product also comes with a cover placed above the 3D cover mat, which gives maximum safety as well as breathability.

The product comes with a travel bag.

‘Dream’ has an indispensable accessory: ‘sleeping bag’ which allows you to substitute the comforter, so it’s the perfect accessory for all the seasons during the year. It is available in three different prints:’ minimal’, ‘abstract’ and ‘nature’.

The ‘Dream’ mini-cradle can be complemented with a mattress pad. This pad can be placed over the mattress, offering your baby the lovely texture of a cotton towel with waterproof fabric that prevents the mattress from getting wet.

Technical parameters


DREAM: 72cm height x 54cm width x 84cm length
DREAM folded: 15cm height x 54cm width x 84cm length

Colours: sand, purple, red, black, orange, lime, navy, brown

Weight: 6 kg

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