ONFOUR Babysitter


‘Onfour’ is a new babysitter concept in the market given its unique front wheels, which allow parents to move the babysitter from one place to another with the child on it and without having to lift it. Moreover its simple cushion system guarantees the baby comfort. The main structure is made of polished aluminium, reason why ‘Onfour’ is a very light and resistant babysitter.

This baby sitter has four different positions which allow the baby to be sitting or to be laid down thanks to its straightforward mechanism located in the rear, which of course is out of the baby’s reach. The structure is totally collapsible making the sitter compact.

‘Onfour’ can be adapted for summer time by removing its upper fabric and leaving its non aggressive mesh for the baby skin, allowing him to perspire in warmer weather.

The product comes with a travel bag.

The ‘sun’ umbrella is the idea accessory for the ‘Onfour’ baby sitter because it can be added and removed whenever needed outdoors.

Technical parameters


Onfour: 55cm height x 38cm width x 72cm length
Onfour folded: 7cm height x 37cm width x 82cm length

Colours: sand, purple, red, black, orange, lime, navy, brown

Weight: 3 kg

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