SWEET KIT Babysitter and Highchair


Sweet Kit is Babyhome newest product this year and it is a full new concept in the market given its versatility. Its main feature is that as an evolving product, it can be used as a bouncer and as a highchair at any given time depending on your needs.

This kit is made up of 2 structures: One of a bouncer and a second one of a highchair, together with a seat which matches either of these bases. This product follows and fulfils all the premises of Babyhome as a brand, offering intelligent solutions with innovative design. The babysitter and the highchair have their own features. This bouncer is made up of two basic structures: the base and the seat.

Some of its unique features are:

  • Lightness –Aluminium confers a surprising lightness to the structure.
  • Functionality – The base of the bouncer has two legs with 3 easily changeable positions; it can swing, move through wheels, or be fix.
  • Compact folding– The base has a simple folding mechanism which can be used with or without the seat. Either way, its final size once folded is very compact. Therefore, it is an easily transportable product.
  • Positions – The seat can be placed in two different reclining positions.
  • Reducing pad – The product comes with a comfortable reducing pad that can be tucked in when the baby is still young.
  • Basket – Below the seat there is a basket for placing the child toys or accessories.

Just like the bouncer, the highchair is made up of two main structures: the base and the chair. The materials used and the formal design of this product make it a highchair with a great deal of personality and elegance.

Some of the unique features of this product are:


The pieces on the base designed to gird this highchair confer on it the desired stability.


Perhaps this is the most unique feature of this product. The seat is reversible, thus yielding two products with totally distinct functions and aesthetics.

Option 1 Place the chair with the tray. Usual highchair position.

Option 2 Place the chair without the tray, the opposite of the previous position. The geometry of the product enables the baby to reach whatever they want on the table. Optimal position for having baby at the table.

Combination of elements

The proper mix of materials and colours gives this highchair a bold, sophisticated look.


Option 2 enables you to attach a basket to the structure in order to keep baby’s favourite toys within reach.

Technical parameters


Sweet Dreams: 60cm height x 53cm width x 72cm length
Sweet Lunch: 92cm height x 58cm width x 73cm length
Sweet Dreams folded: 11cm height x 53cm width x 78cm length
Sweet Lunch folded: 92cm height x 53cm width x 73cm length

Colours: sand, purple, red, black, orange, lime, navy, brown


Sweet Dreams: 3 kg
Sweet Lunch: 2,85 kg

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