Dot pot 3 in 1


DotPot 3 in 1 ...

The Dot Pot is, first and foremost, a potty on which your toddler embarks on his or her toilet training. In the middle is an inner potty that is both simple to remove and quick to clean. The handle makes the toddler feel safer because it also acts as a backrest and, in addition, makes it easy to take the potty with you wherever you go.

The Dot Pot becomes a trainer seat that is held in place on the toilet by a special non-slip system. When your child is ready, the potty seat with which he or she is familiar can be placed on the ‘big toilet’ and used as a trainer seat. That is not only safer for your toddler, it’s also much nicer! There is nothing as annoying and frustrating as falling down a large toilet…

Thirdly, the Dot Pot is a step-up stool. You can use it to reach the ‘big toilet’. Because of its design, it can just as easily be used in the kitchen and the bedroom as in the bathroom. Children up to 40 kg can use the step-up stool to reach the wash basin, the sink or higher bookshelves more easily. The Dot Pot can be used as a cheerful storage container for toys or other objects.

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