Developmental benefits

We know an awful lot about designing and creating fantastic toys that children will love. We spend a lot of time watching children play with our toys (and we admit it, playing with the toys ourselves!) to understand how play patterns and development change over the years. This means many of our toys will become firm favourites from 18 months right up until 5 years and beyond.

WOW toys stimulate learning through long lasting creative play with exciting features to discover which help develop and feed young imaginations. From basic motor skills to more advanced social interactive role-play, the toys provide children with a fun way to make sense of the world around them and assist with early development.

Bright colours, sounds and chunky shapes provide visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. Why not try Motor Boat Murray?

Powerful friction motors and moving wheels help your baby to support their weight as they learn to move around and become more mobile. Why not try Sidney School Bus?

WOW toys have so much character, you can enjoy making up stories as you play with your child. Look out for their names in the toy section online or on the box when you buy a WOW toy. Why not try Bella Butterfly?

WOW’s removable mix & match figures and animals are perfect for little hands to grip and for developing hand/eye co-ordination. Look for knobs to turn or buttons to push among many other functions that help develop your child’s fine motor skills. Why not try Ernie Fire Engine?

There are many special WOW features and lots of detail to discover as your child gets a little older. Secret compartments, moving parts, removable pieces and so much more. Why not try Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred?

WOW toys are great for boys and girls to collect. As your child starts to share toys and create stories with other children, they will love to create a WOW world together. Why not try Robin’s Medical Rescue?

Introducing themes from real life and fantasy, WOW toys help stimulate imaginative play. The more advanced functions and features mean that your child can continue to enjoy their WOW toy for many years. Why not try Poppy’s Pony Adventure?

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