History of WOW

Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, MD, has always had a passion for toys. At the age of 25 he set up his own company, NAD Associates having graduated in Industrial Design. His direct approach soon led him to win contracts designing big brand toys for major international toy companies and with so much work suddenly coming his way, Nadim was in a position to recruit a team of talented designers.

Life was good but Nadim had always had a clear mission right from the beginning and that would be to design great quality toys with real long lasting play value that weren’t reliant on batteries. There would be no cutting corners in favour of massive advertising budgets and the good design, safety and durability of the toys would prove testament to his promise and vision.

He launched WOW toys at the 1997 London Toy Fair and though dwarfed by the international toy giants, WOW’s strong and clever designs soon caught the attention of a number of influential UK retailers. Since then WOW has expanded and grown and is now available in over 900 UK retailers and 40 countries around the world.

By keeping good design at the heart of everything, WOW continues and will continue to produce toys that children love.

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