How we design a WOW toy

Making toys as great as these doesn’t happen overnight. We will take up to 12 months to develop a WOW toy. Here’s how we do it...

Step 1: We come up with ideas for new toys by doing research with WOW fans like Mums or Grandparents.

Step 2: The WOW design team sketch lots of ideas.

Step 3: We ask shop keepers and customers what they think so that we can get the details right.

Step 4: A WOW product designer builds a working model out of foam in our workshop.

Step 5: Using this foam model, a prototype model is made.

Step 6: This prototype model is used to make lots of moulds at the factory.

Step 7: While this is happening we make a one-off colour model. It costs about £10,000 but we will still let some children play with it to check we’ve got it right.

Step 8: At last we’re ready to make our first plastic test samples.

Step 9: At this point all our toys go through rigorous independent safety testing.

Step 10: Finally the toy is ready to be manufactured and boxed up for children to enjoy all over the world.

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