WOW news

29th January 2010

Alfie’s Animal Adventure arrives

Another new toy that has just arrived in the shops is Alfie’s Animal Adventure. Great for both role and imaginative play, Alfie is a safari animal feeding truck with a removable safari driver and two passengers who he often gives a ride to; a cute orang-utan and giraffe. He has a strong friction motor that can cover long distances and a feeding station that twists around to change from water to food. Looking after safari animals has never been so much fun!

29th January 2010

Stanley Street Sweeper

Our new toy, Stanley Street Sweeper, has just arrived in toy shops. Toddlers will just love his rubbery ‘moustache’ which is in fact big rotating brushes specially designed to keep the streets super-clean. When little hands push Stanley along, his brushes will automatically rotate. He also has a cute spinning rubbish sorter on top. This is a great toy to join WOW’s award winning recycle truck Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred.

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