Zlatica Puškárová - face of CASUALPLAY and BRIO

Company GROUP FASHION SLOVAKIA entered into an exclusive cooperation with popular presenter of TV Markíza named Zlatica Puškárová. We provided her all products of brands which we represent in the Slovak market. Zlatica Puškárová uses the products and also became our advertising face for brands CASUALPLAY and BRIO. She took a prestigious advertising photos with famous Slovak photographer Petra Ficová. The images will appear in popular Slovakian magazines. GROUP FASHION SLOVAKIA congratulates Zlatica Puškárové and her boyfriend Patrik Švajda on the birth of their son Leonard on Saint Valentine's Day on 14th February 2010!

Andrea Vránová-Kloboučková chose BRIO

The former Miss Czech Republic a model Andrea Vránová-Kloboučková chose the Swedish brand BRIO stroller for her newborn second son Jáchim, who was born just before the end of 2009. She chose BRIO especially for its great design and practicality of its operation. Congratulations!

Victoria and BRIO GO!

Another famous celebrity chose BRIO GO stroller! We're very pleased to czech famous singer Victoria chose BRIO GO for her newborn child and we cordially congratulate her!
This charming woman was born in Cape Town-South Africa on 13rd of November 1983. Growing up she was influenced by music from Gypsy kings and the likes of Bob Dylan and never missed an opportunity to sing in the local church choir or futher her music by playing piano and performing solo's. Her big break came with single ''CRY'' from her first album ''THIS IS ME'' in 2005 and was a huge success. In 2008 Victoria released her 2nd album ''VELVET'' offering 11 songs with a pilot single ''Boneshakin´ Hot“ . Currently you can listen to her single ''How did I get here'' on the radio.

Gábina Partyšová-Koktová - face of Casualplay for year 2009

GROUP FASHION company signed a contract with a new advertising face for CASUALPLAY brand for year 2009, namely with a charming moderator Gábina Partyšová. Both Gábina and her sparkler son Kristian became a part of this campaign.

Iva Kubelková - face of BRIO for year 2009

An advertising face for the BRIO brand for year 2009 was a pretty model, presenter and an actress Iva Kubelková who gave birth to her second child in February 2009. On this occasion have been made exclusive photos for the campaign of BRIO brand in CZ and SK.

Iva Kubelková - tvář značky BRIO pro rok 2009 Iva Kubelková - tvář značky BRIO pro rok 2009 Iva Kubelková - tvář značky BRIO pro rok 2009

Gábina Partyšová-Koktová and Casualplay

The stroller S4 by Casualplay has been also chosen by moderator and chantresse Gábina Partyšová-Koktová (29), who was so excited by this brand that she has purchased two of them. One for the Prague’s center and another one for her family house. She chose the S4 model also because she will be able to go with it on the golf course with her husband Pepa Kokta.

Alena Šeredová and Casualplay

A succesfull topmodel and moderator Alena Šeredová, who became in 1998 the first runner-up in the beauty contest of Czech Republic and in the same year, she reached the fourth place at the most prestigious contest MISS WORLD. Recently, she signed a contract with GROUP FASHION company to represent the Casualplay brand for year 2008! Alena Šeredová favoured the Casualplay brand and she will use strollers and car seats in Italy as well as in Czech Republic. That’s why she will receive a top design stroller S4 in the combination with letras biancas. When we asked her, why she chose exactly the combination in black and white , she told us that she would not choose another colour, because these are colours of Juventus Torino, where her Italian sweetheart and partner, she is living and expecting his child with, plays, Gianluigi Buffon, currently the best and most expensive goalkeeper.

Home websites of Alena Šeredová:

Alice Bendová and Casualplay

A happy mother, soap opera star, who is already at home with a recently born son. We wish her and her husband, who will not be only the driver of his car, but also of our Casualplay stroller, the best.

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