theBabaSling - from Birth to Independence


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What is a BabaSling ?

theBabaSling ™ is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity. The hammock style is perfectly shaped to support a newborn´s developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bonding for both parent and child.

The multiple carrying positions will suit a growing baby´s changing needs and theBabaSling™ adjusts in seconds to fit mums, dads and babies of all shapes and sizes.

Who Are We?

We are collective of people committed to promoting the vital importance of baby carrying.

the BabaSling ™ is an indispensable product for the modern family that is simple to use, comfortable to wear and looks great.

We have an on-going commitment to the evolution and improvement of our product and innovations aimed at simplifying the complexities of raising our children.

the BabaSling ™ is produced in a Fair Trade environment by our sister company based in Pondicherry, South India.

The tailors, managers and assistants are highly skilled and produce exceptionally fine quality work in a sustainable cooperative environment.

the BabaSling ™ is, after all, designed to carry a new life!

easy triger

Easy Tiger

Baby´s head is next to the parent´s heart, warm cosy and safe. Just as it wants to be ! This position is quickly mastered and gives a parent two free hands to get on with life many demands, while the little one stays supremely content. This position is great in those first 3-4 months.

sleeping tiger

Sleeping Tiger

This position is great when baby wants a nice long sleep. It is also a simple and practical position for discreet breastfeeding when out and about.

Suitable from birth and can be used to 9 months+.

little piggy

Little Piggy

The tradition of carrying infants on the back is timeless and popular in both tribal and modern cultures around the world and throughout the ages.

The natural shape of the parents back provides a perfect nestling spot for a young one and can be especially helpful when the parent needs their front-side clear. Suitable from birth to 3 months.

little joey

Little Joey

This one gives baby a safe reassuring environment from which to explore their new world !

Suitable from 3-4 months or when baby is capable of sitting upright and has mastered head control.

koala cuddle

Koala Cuddle

The name says it all! Baby is positioned upright and very naturally cradled with vital spinal and head support. An excellent choice for relieving and avoiding colic !

Suitable from birth to 9 months+.


Side Saddle

This position is a real godsend to a parent with teething or needy baby !

All mothers know that babies and toddlers are rarely as content as when sitting on mum´s hip. With theBabaSling™ this is made super simple. It gives the parent two free hands and does away with the lower back problems created by jutting one´s hips to one side.

piggy back

Piggy Back

Great for the long haul if you have some walking to do ! All children love being piggy-backed and theBabaSling™ is the perfect aid to make this possible over long distances.

This position can be used from 6 months+.

breast feeding

Breast Feeding

theBabaSling™ is ideal as a breastfeeding aid. Sorry dads but this is definitely not for you !

Using the Sleeping Tiger position, theBabaSling´s™ unique design allows a mother to breastfeed simply and in total privacy. Research shows us that regular body contact between mother and child regulates a mother´s milk production.

So Why Carry?

Carrying our young provides them with the essential stimulation their body and mind need for optimum development.

Babies left in prams and pushchairs are perhaps missing out on this vital stimulation and often scream and cry as their way of letting us know this is not where they want to be.

Sadly, we have become culturally desensitised into believing such distress is „normal“ behaviour.

Even if you have never used a baby carrier you will probably have noticed one simple fact: Crying babies are almost always contented when picked up!

This is why we passionately believe in carrying our children. It´s logical, and in the end, we help them grow into stronger, healthier and more emotionally balanced human beings.

Recent research trials have shown that carrying regularly each day in a carrier such as theBabaSling ™ reduced daytime crying by 43% and night crying by 51%. Great news for parents with fractious young ones!

Another great bonus of using a baby carrier is that they give parents the freedom to move simply and quickly whether in the home or out and about. Having two hands to get on with life´s demands while baby nestles contentedly certainly makes parenting a whole lot easier.

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